About me

Me @ Kauffman Foundation

In this blog I will be documenting my experiences during my internship at the Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

I’ll take part in the Globals Scholarship Program, a program aimed at creating new successful entrepreneurs. During the first 5 weeks of this scholarship I’ll be following workshops, meetings, lectures and I’ll visit several companies in the Kansas City region.

This is followed by a 3 week period of travel to MIT, Stanford, Harvard and Silicon Valley. The exact planning isn’t available yet.

Then I’ll follow a 12 week internship at a company somewhere in the US. Which company this might be is still unknown, but possibly Deka research (Dean Kamen) or SoftVu (Tim Donnely), but lets not get ahead of ourselfs here.

This scholarship program is than finished with a final week in Kansas City, where the whole group shares their experiences.

After the internship I’m planning to use the visa’s ‘grace period’ to travel in the VS.

So a first and very short description of the program and my activities next half year.



2 Responses to About me

  1. Mark Apeldoorn says:

    dit is de manier om op de hoogte te blijven, toch?

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