Interesting Stuff II

2nd edition of interesting stuff that I’ve encountered and that maybe is of some use for you too.


I’ve always learned and believed that growth, whether social, psychological, economic or cultural is something good, something to strive for, but this talk of Tim Jackson gives some wonderful new insights in the role and consequences of growth on us, human beings, and our planet.


More on Detroit here.


IbrigdeNetwork is a network started and organized by the Kauffman foundation that makes it easier for universities or research institutes to share their knowledge and working methods. The main goal is to reduce the ‘new invention of the wheel’ in every university when they could also use the knowledge of other univeristies. Currently, due to the Kauffman Foundation’s efforts, there are 5101 members, 13.269 innovations and 123 organizations involved in sharing their knowledge!

So if you are in need of a certain method, invention or are you looking for other solutions for your problems, give it a try at Ibrige Network.


State of the Union, tuesday 25-01-11


The Great Stagnation, a new and confronting book about the stagnation of america’s growth. Interesting for anyon who would like to know more about the American economy. However, are all those claims true? Brink Lindsey from argues against some of the claims.


About erikkoerselman
I'm currently finishing my Bachelor degee in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Technology Delft. I'm also persuing my Master at the same faculty, in the direction of Design and Production of Composite Structures. Aside or together with my studies I'm following several business courses, which should enable me to become a succesful entrepreneur after my graduation. I'll write this blog to document my experiences during my 'entrepreneur' internship at the Kauffman Foundation in the USA.

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