More free days & Ted Zoller

On tuesday we had our first ‘real’ lecture from the CEO of Kauffman, Carl Schramm. Scharmm gave us a very nice and comprehensive introduction to american history and the way entrepreneurship shaped american culture. He also explained what exactly it is theKauffman Foundation is doing and why that is so important. For instance, research of the Kauffman Foundation showed that virtually every new job created in America is due to small (startup) companies, in contrast with the popular believe that it is the large established companies that create jobs.

Wednesday afternoon a snowstorm hits KCMO (slang for Kansas City Missouri), resulting in the cancellation of our shopping trip on thurseday for some reason, so we get the day off. This however gave us the opportunity to prepare the seminar on friday with Ted Zoller (Director & Associate Professor at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill): New Venture Bootcamp.

Very interesting and inspirational seminar, where Ted gave us new insights in doing business, heavily supported by funny stories and anekdotes. Know what you know and know what you don’t know; Networks are openings; think big, start small; seize every opportunity you get; you always have a second chance; dare to jump; are only a few wisdoms he shared extensively with us. He introduced us to his 5M Stochastic Venture Model, Meaning, Market, Money, Model, Management, but most of all, he put us to action. A very usefull seminar indeed!

The cancelled shopping trip was re-scheduled to saterday, where we went to a big Target market, we got us some new food, and a pre-payed contract so that we can call, text and use data, unlimited. My new american number is +1 816 616 9941. We also encountered a promotion for fighting poverty and hunger in a quite unusual way: Angry Birds.

In the evening we went to Mosaic, a club in the Power & Light district got us a table, a 300 dollar bottle of rum and showed those KCMO locals how to party. Tim and David K went on an advanture to nowhere, Stevens girl caused Marijns girl to leave and so in the end everyone ended up safely in our own beds. A great first party night in KC!


About erikkoerselman
I'm currently finishing my Bachelor degee in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Technology Delft. I'm also persuing my Master at the same faculty, in the direction of Design and Production of Composite Structures. Aside or together with my studies I'm following several business courses, which should enable me to become a succesful entrepreneur after my graduation. I'll write this blog to document my experiences during my 'entrepreneur' internship at the Kauffman Foundation in the USA.

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