Interesting Stuff I

These posts will come back regularly, and give a short summary of interesting stuff I’ve encountered on the net or in real life.

To start off with, 3 movies about motivation, connecting and entrepreneurship:

RSA Animate – Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

Ze Frank on connecting with people

Entrepreneurs can change the world!


Furthermore, for people interested in economies of the future, I’ve read this great article about the future of the battery

Detroit was one of the 4 major cities of the USA years ago, but ‘recently’ (past 10-20 years) over a million residents have left this city of car-manufactureres. In almost every publication detroit is pictured as a ghost city, with no hope for any improvement in the near future. But is this really true? Nobody less then Johnny Knoxvill checks out this great city of opportunities in a magnificent documentary.

That’s it for this week, more next week!


About erikkoerselman
I'm currently finishing my Bachelor degee in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Technology Delft. I'm also persuing my Master at the same faculty, in the direction of Design and Production of Composite Structures. Aside or together with my studies I'm following several business courses, which should enable me to become a succesful entrepreneur after my graduation. I'll write this blog to document my experiences during my 'entrepreneur' internship at the Kauffman Foundation in the USA.

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